I produce Giclee prints and have them mounted so that your squad may take pride of place above the mantelpiece. I can also send a high-resolution digital copy by email to you. To estimate the total cost, please refer to the guidelines below. 

Digital Image

The cost of the image depends on the number of characters to be included, as follows: 
Number of Characters
1 Character 
2 Characters 
3 Characters
4 Characters
(for each additional character
+ £20)

Printing & Framing

A digital version will be provided at no extra cost. However, to behold the work in its true glory, I can have high-quality prints made and framed. Standard frame is matt black with glass over the artwork (although there are other framing options available). Prices as follows:
Rough Size
Giclee Print Price
+ £10
+ £15
+ £24
+ £36
+ £60
+ £8
+ £10
+ £14
+ £20
+ £30


A £5 fee will be added to all print and mounted print orders (regardless of size and quantity) for postage and packaging.


Payment is done in 2 halves: first half before beginning work; second half after receiving final image files (but before posting, if applicable).
Once we have discussed the details of the artwork and printing options, I will email you the first invoice using Paypal. If you are happy with everything, payment can be sent with Paypal or Debit/Credit card. Upon receiving payment, I will produce and send the artwork to your specifications. I will then give you a chance to respond with any small alteration requests. After this I will send the final image files along with the second invoice.
Please note: The image is for your personal and/or non-profit use only. I retain full rights to the image.
For any questions, please fill out the form below and I'll be happy to help.

All Artwork ©2018 Charlie Parsons. 


If you're interested in commissioning a portrait, feel free to send me a message and we can discuss the details, including pricing, print options and timescale. Try to include a rough summary of what you're looking for.